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Skin facts worth knowing. Part 3

Posted by Melinda Fick on

Have you ever wondered how many skin cells we shed daily? Or what it is that determines our different skin tones?
If so; keep reading for the answer to these and other skin-related questions.

  • Keratin is a strong protein that forms the dead outer layer of your skin. It is also the main substance that forms your hair and nails. In animals it forms hooves, feathers and horns.
  • New skin cells are formed in your basal skin layer and move upward toward the outer most layer, where they will be shed or rubbed off.
  • In a young person; this journey takes a cell about 28 days to complete. After the age of 50, this process slows down to about 37 days.
  • You shed about 30 000 dead skin cells every minute.
  • More than 50% of the dust in your home consists of dead skin.
  • Melanin is a protein that gives your skin its colour. It is produced by melanocyte cells.
  • Roughly 7% of skin cells are melanocytes.
  • There are 2 major types of melanin. Pheomelanin (yellow-red in colour) and eumelanin (brown-black in colour).
  • Your skin contains a mixture of all melanin types.
  • We all have the same amount of these cells, but skin colour is determined by how active these cells are; not by their quantity.
  • Melanin is also responsible for the colour of your hair and eyes.
  • Some babies can take up to 6 months to develop their permanent skin tone.

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