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We take the milk from the coconut

Posted by Melinda Fick on

Coconut milk is made from coconut flesh and water. This is known as a hydrolipidic extract of the coconut or, in other words; an emulsion of fat and water.

As nature would have it; your skin already has a hydrolipidic film that acts as its natural self-defence shield and coconut milk is uniquely suited to supporting and protecting this shield.

This extract has a high content of fatty acids which can increase the skin’s surface lipid levels and is therefor highly recommended for its skin conditioning and moisturising activities.

The carbohydrates in coconut milk help to accelerate cell renewal by improving your skin’s ability to shed dead cells, giving your skin a fresher look.

It also contains vitamins, minerals and proteins which have a high affinity with the skin. This makes it an ideal ingredient for use in skincare products.

To put things in a (coco) nut shell: It is a superfood for your skin with anti-stress, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties to moisturise, repair and protect.

*New products to be launched in Spring 2019.

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